Modifications for the Yaesu FT-90

Yeasu FT-90 TX 130-180, 410-480 MHz.

I just figured out the mod for the Yaesu FT-90. It will give you TX 130-180 MHz / 410-480 MHz.
  1. Remove 4 screws from bottom of radio.

  2. Remove R2156 (connected to pin# 21 on Q2021, the CPU HD6473337YTF16)

  3. Replace cover and screws.

  4. Perform a Master Reset (hold down DISP/SS, <| |>) and turn on power.
That's it!

Perform this Mod at your own risk.


This modification works both for the US and the european version. So the use same R for mod, but different firmware

Jim - KA8ZGP

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