Modifications for the Yaesu FT-900

FT-900 Frequency Expansion Information

Yaesu U.S.A.
Amateur Products Division
Technical Support

Model: FT-900
Date: 24 August 1994

Original Freq. Range: 160-10M (Ham)
New Freq. Range: 1.8-29.99MHx TX

Important Notice Regarding Disclosure Restrictions

This information is autorized for distribution only to individuals who are members of the U.S. Military Affiliate Radio System, Civil Air Patrol, or other government services specifically permitted by the FCC to use non-type accepted equipment such as that

  1. Remove the two screws from the top cover, and the two screws from the top rear area of the rear panel, so as to allow the top cover/heat sink to be slid slightly toward the rear. The objective is to be able to see into the CNTL-1 Unit, which is the i
  2. Locate test points TP3001 and TP3002 on the CNTL Unit. They are located near the top edge of the board, in the center from left to right. With the transceiver still turned off, connect a jumper (alligator clip is ok) between these 2 test points.
  3. Hold in the following 4 buttons: [PROC], [ATT], [IPO], and [NB]. While holding them in, turn the transceiver on. Release the buttons.
  4. The display will indicate OFF. Turn the VFO dial slowly until the display reads ON.
  5. Press the [PROC] button to write the new instructions to EEPROM.
  6. Remove the jumper across the test points.
  7. Replace the case screws. Mod is now complete.rea of the rear panel, so as to allow the top cover/heat sink to be slid slightly toward the re

FT-900 Remote improvement

Name is Larry KN4IM@N4CII.#CHS.SC.USA.NA in Charleston, SC. If you are the proud owner of a new Yaesu FT-900 remoteable mobile and have had teh pleasure of installing the YSK-1L Remote Cable Assy, I am sure you would also like to strangle the IDIOT that decided you needed two tiny screws to attach the cable to the front of the radio main unit. These tiny, fine threaded, soft brass, typically Japanese screws will soon be de-threaded, or broken, or LOST! There has got to be a better way.

I just got off the phone with Yaesu's experts in Cerritos and the parts department. No, there are no parts available, yet, for the FT-900 so I don't have any part number or price to give you to order it. Just tell Yaesu parts dept that you want the plastic back they have on order for KN4IM in South Carolina, he'll know what you want.

What I did was to remove the back of my 900's remote head and see if I could install this silly connector to the backshell of the remote head. VOILA! They even gave me the holes to put screws through. The remote cable end that mates to the radio mounts very nicely to the INSIDE of this plastic shell so that the shell is BETWEEN the connector and the radio. You can use small screws/nuts with the nuts pointing out to give you the clearance you need. This will allow you to QUICKLY dismount the 900 from the trunk leaving your EXTRA shell (after they deliver it) PERMANENTLY in the screws to break or tiny phillips to find...just to go portable or fixed. The empty shell will fit the mounting pins and click right into the 900's front panel lock because it's made for it.

I sure hope Yaesu retrofits all the previously sold remote kits with a neat looking blank panel in which to mount my radio end of the remote cable instead of having to resort to this method. Maybe they will already have the radio end moulded into this blank panel for faster installation and will send me a new cable.....sure they will...73,
Larry KN4IM 14.105 PKT

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