Modifications for the Yaesu MH-15

YAESU micro-phone number MH-15 C8

MOD: How to prevent the touch-tone pad from automatically keying up your rig.

Rigs involved: This mic. comes with the yaesu FT-290 MK II (2 meter rig), the FT-690 MK II (6 meter rig), or the FT-490 MK II (uhf rig), and possibly others.

  1. Take the three (3) back screws off.
  2. Take the two (2) screws off the circuit board to free it from the case.
  3. Find the red wire going to the micro-switch, ie, the ptt line.
  4. Follow that red wire to the circuit board at that place on the circuit board another red wire will join the first one.
  5. Un-solder both red wires from the circuit board and clean up the solder mess, otherwise hum will occur.
  6. Solder the two red wires together and cover with tape or shrink tubing.
  7. Put the circuit board in place and screw it down.
  8. Put the "lock" slide switch back in place.
  9. Put the rest of the case on.
  10. Put the outside screws in.
  11. You are now ready to try it out, so go ahead and re-attach it to your rig!
  12. All should work:
    ptt works and releases,
    mic passes audio,
    touch tones work when ptt button held,
    touch-tone red "led" still lights up when touch-tone pad keys are depressed, even if ptt button is not held down,
    no hum noticed.

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