ZACHARY T. (new model w/uPD2816 PLL)

1. Remove C128 (.47uF).
2. Remove TR16.
3. Replace R132 (1k) with a 470 Ohm.
4. Replace R50 (3.9 Ohm) with a 1 Ohm.
5. Re-tune coils L13,L12,L11 for maximum forward power output.
6. Jumper C61 with a 67pF capacitor.
7. Replace TR10 (2SC2029) with a 2SC1969 then tune L16,L17 and spread L14 For even power across band.
8. Remove D13 and replace with a jumper. (This supplies more power to final)

MODULATION: VR6 or cut D16
AM POWER: L13,L12,L11
RX COILS: L1 thru L8, VR1
SAMS PHOTOS: #223,229,235,243,272,282


Isolate pin 9 on the pll for a 5kc drop.

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