SuperStar 2000

Colt 1600DX - Colt 2000 DX - HyGain 8795V - Lafayette 1800 - Midland 7001 - Pacific 160
Printed Circuit Board PTBM131A4X / PTBM125A4X

I make a special EPROM expansion board that will add 4 more bands to any PLL02A radio, it also adds a 10KHz shift function as well, click here to find out more.

It will give 1 band down, 1 band up, UK 40 (up 64 channels without Alpha ch hops), NZ 40 (down 63 channels) and 10KHZ shift.

On a 40 channel radio it will give coverage from 26.335 to 28.005 (including the normal low,mid and high bands of 26.515-27.855), that is a total of 167 channels !

I can also make a custom board upon request which will give whatever frequency range you want (within the limits of the radio).


Reading PointAdjustmentDescriptionValue
TP1CT1Band A -80 Ch.19.655MHz
TP1CT2Band B -40 Ch.19.880MHz
TP1CT3Band C CEPT20.105MHz
TP1CT4Band D + 40 Ch.20.330MHz
TP1CT12Band E + 80 Ch.20.555MHz
TP2T10utput to RF local oscillator37.660-38.100MHz for CEPT
TP3VCO-CoilVCO DC Voltage2,5 Volt @ 27.175MHz
TP4CT11IF mixer frequency10.695MHz
T8RF Input
T9RF Input
T10RF Input
T111. IF10,7MHz
T121. IF10,7MHz
T13AM IF455kHz
T14AM Detector455kHz
T6SSB IF455kHz
T7SSB Detector
T16FM Discriminator
T1PLL Output to Converter37.660 - 38.100MHz for CEPT
T2PLL Output to Converter37.660 - 38.100MHz for CEPT
T3Transmitter Output26.965 - 27.405MHz for CEPT
T4Transmitter Output26.965 - 27.405MHz for CEPT
T5Transmitter Output26.965 - 27.405MHz for CEPT
L16Transmitter Output26.965 - 27.405MHz for CEPT
RV2Bias Q8
RV11AM/FM Output Power10 Watt
RV4RF Power Meter
RV1FM Modulation+/- 2kHz
RV6SSB Modulation18 Watt p-p
RV11AM Modulation90%
RV5Carrier at SSBAdjust for NO Carrier

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