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Coobra 2000gtl no transmit

Posted: Monday 28th Jan 2013, 2:06
by zinger827
Radio Make and Model: Cobra 2000 gtl
PCB Number: 497ab
PLL Number: 8719
Test gear available: vom freq. counter
Symptoms: No tx

What is working: rx pa working. Mod meter works when talk into mic on am but not ssb. No audio out when meter swinging on mod.

What has been tried: Just voltage readings

Did it suddenly happen ?: Got it this way radio looks as it was never touched inside.
Anything else that may be of help?:
Radio has no tx. Key up talk and mod meter swings up but no power or audio out. The on air lights up when keyed. Put on SSB shows no modulation on meter like AM does? Plug speaker in PA switch PA on and it has audio out. voltage readings on final (1969), driver (2166), regulator
final=0-13-.13 rx 0-6.95-.69 tx
driver=0-13-.43 rx 0-6.95-.69 tx
ssb= 0-13.58-0 rx 0-13.58-.69 tx
regulator=13-13.7-7.82 rx 7-13.6-7.66 tx
This radio looks like it has never been touched except for a channel conversion that looks like was done right.
Where to go from here? Thanks.