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dead Cobra 18 Ultra

Posted: Monday 13th May 2013, 4:46
by JimFK
Radio Make and Model: Cobra 18 Ultra
PCB Number: 411-032-D and 4A1030-D
PLL Number: LC7185
Test gear available: multi meter
Symptoms: No Tx or Rx

What is working: WX, red TX light

What has been tried: SWR Power meter no output also tried a different mic from a working radio as well as the original mic from this radio on the working radio, Cobra 25LTD. Also, the fuses are checking good.

Did it suddenly happen ?: Never Worked out of the box.
Anything else that may be of help?: I assumed that the radio worked as the weather channels work fine but never tried the CB portion of the radio. I have all the paperwork that came with the radio as well as the box it had come in but actually never used the radio. I purchased the radio from Sears on 7/13/96 new. I decided to connect the radio and discovered it has no receive and no transmit at all. I can not even get the SWR Meter to calibrate as there is no power to move the meter. There is basically no sound from the speaker when the selector switch is moved to the "CB" position with the exception of a very, very faint sort of whine when turning the squelch up or down. I have not fooled around with the radio other than what I have said here. The schematic diagram that came with the radio is of little help due to having no voltages indicated on it. So, I would appreciate an idea of what to try before I use it for target practice.