A request to Uniden

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A request to Uniden

Post by TrumpyNZ »

Over the last few years, buying a scanner from Uniden in New Zealand or Australia has become a rather expensive undertaking.
The last models that were offered down here were the 996T/396T.
If you want a Uniden scanner these days in this part of the world, you either have to import one from the US (which will more than often not agree with the band plans
down in Aus/NZ.)
Or take the risk of buying something second-hand off of eBay. :cry:

Me and a few mates have got together and are running a petition to submit to Uniden America, in the hope that it will make them realise that there is still an active market for
their scanners down here and ask that they consider releasing more of their product down here in the future.

Could I please ask that you sign our petition, as I believe that (even though it may be a long shot), the more signatures we get, the more likely that this petition will be taken seriously.

The petition can be found HERE.

Uniden has a very good name down here in regards to scanners (and indeed CB radio gear as well) and most people that are involved in scanning, have more than likely owned at least one Uniden scanner during their participation in the hobby.

Please don't mis-construe this post as spam or advertising as it is not intended as that, I just want to spread the word as widely as I possibly can.

This petition is not demanding that Uniden release scanners down here, it is merely to show that there are owners of their equipment here that would like to see more of it on offer in the future and there is still a market here for their radio scanning products.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Mike. :)
Mike. :)
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