That is the problem with this forum?

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James Unit 198
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That is the problem with this forum?

Post by James Unit 198 »

That is the problem with this forum.

I posted some info on 19/03/08 and now it has gone.

Was there a problem with my post?

It would have been nice if the moderator or administrator had sent me a message explaining what the problem was.

Most forums keep a backup that can be restored.

Dead Key
Dead Key
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Post by Smitty »

Maybe you clicked the "Preview" button instead of the submit button when creating that post? I've done it numerous times myself, lol

You'd be surprised just how many folks don't have backups. The there are those that claim they have backups, and don't.

I keep 100% backups over at the quack shack, atleast every other day or so
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The Defpom
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Post by The Defpom »

I have just moved the ENTIRE RadioMods site onto a newer hosting package, as the sites database went down for a few days, once that problem was fixed I decided to upgrade to a newer plan.

You must have posted your message whilst the move was in progress (it can take a day or so for it all to swap over to the new location).

I suppose that the move was pretty good if people didn't even know that it happened !

That is why your post disappeared, it was not removed by anyone, it was lost in the move.

I am surprised that you didn't read the thread which I posted in this section titled "New Hosting Plan" which explains about the move and recent database outage.
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