Different repeatershift on Kenwoord TM-741 ??

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Different repeatershift on Kenwoord TM-741 ??

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My name is Robbert / PA3BKL from the Netherlands.

Question here:

I have a good old KenwoodTM-741 (E version), and I have a problem with
it's repeatershift for 23cm repeaters.

RPT shift used to be -6Mhz in the old days, but currently, repeaters in
the Netherlands now have a repeatershift of - 28Mhz, so I can't work 23
repeaters anymore...

I have seen a document (written by you I understand).

It shows how to modify serveral settings in the TM-741.
Even the repeatershift.

But unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to change the RPT shift to
minus 28 Mhz.

I wonder, is there a possibility to use preset memories to get the
shift, but just programming the receiving freq in one memorylocation,
and the (shifted) transmitfrequency in another memory location.

IMHO that would be about the only possibility to the darned thing
shifting -28 Mhz on 23 cm operation.

Maybe you have a trick or a hint/idea for me how to accomplish a -28 Mhz
shift on 23cm on my TM-741-E??
I would be absolutely thrilled to hear something from you.

Any help is welcome.

Thaanks for reading my email, andmni 73's de Robbert / PA3BKL
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Re: Different repeatershift on Kenwoord TM-741 ??

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Sorry, I know little about HAM equipment, all the ham information on the site is what I had collected from other sites and people over the years, I did not write those bits I'm afraid.
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