Belcom LS-102L Service Manual WTD

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Belcom LS-102L Service Manual WTD

Post by bigpimp347 »

read the same post on here a few times and all over he net,

but does anyone know of a service manual for the LS_102L ??
i know rick did the drawings of parts locations and schematic but still no where to get a service manual..

want to set the AM peak,
but mostly each band is off to the next.
i aligned 28Mhz spot on but found 29Mhz was off.
then found the radio was modded for 26 and 27 and they're off as well..
so assume it's the wires that make it go off frequency ?? or are there band adjustments anywhere ??

i have hundreds of schematics and manuals but nothing for a 102 and neither as i can tell has anywhere else..

fingers crossed..
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