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This page has modifications for Icom radio's

Icom IC-720

Unlock the transmitter by snipping the light blue wire located at the very end of the top hatch cover to the left middle side of the radio.

Icom IC-726
All instructions with the radio's front panel facing you unless otherwise specified!

1. Remove all black screws from top & bottom covers and remove both covers. 
2. Remove the 2 flat head screws that hold the PA unit to the front unit.
 (top front of radio - Not the screws that are in the plastic front panel.) 
3. Remove the 2 screws that hold the PA unit to the rear panel.
(Looking at the rear of the radio, 1 is above the ext. speaker jack
 & 1 is above to ACC(1) jack.) 
4. Unplug the 2 plugs from J11 & J12. 

5. Disconnect the large black connector on the left side of radio. 
6. Slide up and out, the TUNER CONTROL SOCKET from it's holder in the rear panel. 
7. Remove the tape from the right side of the PA unit. 
8. Swing the PA unit up to the left and lay over flat.
9. Look for diode 5 next to a wire plug in socket located to the
left side, rear of the board, next to J4.
10. You may have to remove J4 to allow access to D-5. 
11. clip diode 5
Reassembly is the reverse order.
The radio will now transmit from 1.5 MHz to 33 Mhz. (It will transmit even lower
but the power output drops off and I don't know if doing so will damage the transmitter.

Icom IC-240
Click here for the Icom IC 240 Mods Page

Icom IC-735

To unlock the transmitter cut diodes D-33 and D-34 (they are standing on end near the microprocessor section toward the rear top of the radio.

Icom IC-745

To unlock the transmitter locate the light brown wire at pin 1 of jack 7 on the RF board on the side of the radio, and cut it.

Icom IC-751

Locate the RF board on the side of the radio and cut the black wire that goes to pin 1 of jack 2.

This unlocks your transmitter

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